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    Hey all, this is the first of many forum posts myself and George will be making for an overview and discussion of bosses coming up in ToS. What we plan to do is provide you with all the resources we looked at, and our outlook for the fight, so that you all can provide any feedback you wish to.


    • Debuff – Explode after 6s, run 25y away from people/pillars
    • Tank boss slightly off centre

    Melee DPS:
    • Smack
    • Run behind pillars for infernal burning

    Ranged DPS/Healers:
    • Start spread in your 2 groups
    • Move out of spawning pillars
    • Run behind pillars for infernal burning
    • Run behind pillars for shattering star
    • Move out for crashing comet
    • Don’t spawn pillars in the fire quadrant

    Resources used:
    Slootbag’s Viewer raid kill,
    Fatboss goroth video,
    WoWHead overview.
    • An up to date mythic video can be found here (click me!) which will closely resemble the tactic we will be using on live.

    A simple first encounter, Goroth has only a small number of abilities to deal with:

    Burning armour – Tank debuff – explode after 6s, acts as a tank swap mechanic. Big circle similar to Iron Reaver, run 20y away at least so as to not hit people/pillars.
    Infernal spike – A player (presumably ranged only) is targeted with a spiral spell affect, which leaves behind a pillar after a short duration. Get hit by this, you take a lot of damage, and will likely die in heroic
    Shattering star – A player is targeted with an arrow going between the boss and them. After 6 seconds a boulder is launched, which deals damage to anyone hit and raid wide damage when it hits the target. To reduce the damage, the ball has to hit pillars (at least 1, possibly 2/3 being optimal)
    Infernal burning – Think shockwave on Skorp. After 6 seconds, if you’re not behind a pillar then you take a fuckload of damage, which means we have to have pillars up for when he reaches 100 energy
    Crashing comet – 3 players targeted. After 4s a comet comes down, which does damage in a 10y radius, and destroys pillars
    • The four corners of the room periodically spawn fire and rotate. The pools bubble beforehand, but these areas must be avoided
    • The boss destroys any pillars he moves over, so if movement is needed he must be moved around the edge of the room

    Graphic map:

    Goroth layout

    The image shows the four different quadrants. The red highlighted pillar will be destroyed by the fire pool, so no ranged/healers should be standing there. Begin the fight at your assigned marker, and rotate to the safe quadrants.

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