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    So simply put, 2 Phase encounter, the goal is you want to prolongue phase 1 for as long as possible dealing as much damage as you can to the avatar while making the Maiden absorb the energy being pulsed into the avatar as once the Avatar reaches 100 energy, zerg/bloodlust phase begins.

    Several pylons are scattered in front of the Avatar. Throughout the fight one will activate and shoot a beam from the pylon towards the boss, giving it energy. The idea is for the off tank to always have the Maiden of Valor in position to block it.

    The Maiden gains energy when blocking the beam and when it reaches 100 energy, it gains an absorb shield of 25% of its maximum health and casts Cleansing Protocol. The raid needs to break the shield, which interrupts and stuns the Maiden (Malfunction), as well as depleting 25% of the Maiden’s maximum health, or the raid dies. The idea is to put practically no DPS into the Maiden outside of breaking the absorb shield and it should kill itself after four shields. The Maiden also gains a stacking 5% physical damage done buff (Matrix Empowerment), but supposedly insignificant.

    When the Avatar reaches 100 energy he Consumes the Maiden and however much health it has remaining, so will need to check the timings to see if the Maiden killing itself and the transition line up.

    Quick N Dirty


    Phase 1

    • Soak Touch of Sargeras, 3 shadow pools spawn, need to be soaked by multiple players to split the damage 3 should be fine or solo soak with immunity if unsoaked instant wipe
    • Move away as far as you can for Rupture Realities
    • Keep moving during Unbound Chaos cast as you will be spawning fire swirls underneath you, Players just need to minimise the distance between their drops and dodge accordingly, Think mass flames of Sargeras without lingering fire patches, faster spawns
    • Dodge Shadowy Blades if not direct target (They spawn from the boss and fire outward), targeted players run max range from boss in a straight line as when hit you will drop a shadow pool underneath, Move straight to allow others to dodge appropriately

    Phase 2

    • Stand in groups of 3 to soak dark marks, purple circle with knockup/split damage after 6 seconds, solo if possible
    • Move away as far from Rupture Realities once again, this is the soft enrage for P2 as Avatar will destroy ground underneath him after every cast
    • Dodge Purple tornadoes “Black Winds cast”


    • Avatar tank use defensive or Desolate, swap on 2
    • Maiden Tank position self appropriately to block energy
    • P2 Always tank the boss at the edge of the remaining platform corners to maximise space after each Rupture cast


    • Nothing special just CD priority for Rupture Reality cast in P1
    • P2 Whenever boss is in Lava will spam sear on raid damage stacks every 2 secs he’s in lava permanently increases damage dealt by sear, small damage at first ramps up


    • Whenever Maiden reaches 100 Energy focus dps on her to break shield otherwise train boss, do not dot maiden until we figure out transition timings

    Ability Breakdown:

    Phase 1:

    Desolate – Tank
    Deals 9.3 million physical and increases damage taken by the ability by 75% for 29 seconds. Swap at 2.

    Touch of Sargeras – Soak These
    A bunch of shadowy circles appear on the ground. They erupt after 8 seconds, dealing 8 million shadow split evenly by anyone standing inside of them. If not absorbed by anyone, deals 7.3 million shadow to the entire raid instead. Either have a group of 3-4 or a person with an immunity soak each one.

    Unbound Chaos – Rapid fire patches spawn under everyone
    5 second for 4 seconds each player in the raid takes 339,123 chaos. Every 0.5 second they also drop pools underneath themselves, which explode after 1.5 seconds for 877,500 chaos. Players just need to minimise the distance between their drops and dodge accordingly

    Shadowy Blades – Dodge these if not direct direct
    The Avatar summons several shadowy blades near him and targets random players (supposedly marked with a line). The blades eventually shoot at their targets, and any player who gets hit, along with the target, takes 2 million magic within 7 yards of themselves and drops a Lingering Darkness pool, which deals 878,000 magic every two seconds and slows movement by 50%. Players targeted should run to the far edges of the room to make sure pools are out of the way

    Rupture Realities – Run the fuck away
    Deals 15.4 million fire to the entire raid, decreasing the farther away players are from the Avatar. Players should run as far as possible, but a tank must make sure to get to the boss immediately after the cast, or the boss will start casting Ripple of Darkness, dealing 1.2 million shadow to the entire raid.

    Phase 2

    Desolate – Same as P1 Tank debuff
    Deals 9.3 million physical and increases damage taken by the ability by 75% for 29 seconds. Swap at 2.

    Sear – Pulsing Raid Wide AoE
    The Avatar does 270,000 fire every two seconds to the entire raid. This damage increases by 50% for every 2 seconds that the Avatar is in lava (Fel Infusion).

    Rupture Realities – Run away like P1 but also destroys floor now
    Deals 15.4 million fire, decreasing the farther away players are from the Avatar. Shatters the ground underneath the Avatar, which acts as a soft enrage.

    Black Winds – Don’t get hit xD
    Tornadoes form at the edge of the room and traverse it. Anyone hit takes 4.1 million shadow and has their healing/absorbs decreased by 90% for 10 seconds.

    Dark Mark – Soak with 3 to split damage
    Marks random players with a purple circle and arrow, causing 15 million magic split evenly between any players in the circle after 6 seconds and knocks affected players up. 3 players total should soak in each one to be safe.

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