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    So finally 10man raiding returns! Just kidding but we are gonna splitting up into 2 teams within this encounter as some will fight in the spirit realm and others and the live(corporeal) realm

    Quick N Dirty:

    Everyone: – Stay spread the fuck out

    • Each group in the opposing realm must stay away from each others position as whenever players and mobs are within 8 yards of players or mobs in the other realm they will periodically inflict damage to that opposing realm
    • Don’t stand in ground shit
    • Adds in the live realm will gain bone armor at 50% basically making them unkillable, the way to remove bone armor is simple in the spirit realm the Fallen Priestess add will cast shattering scream periodically on a player slowing them and dealing damage, on the 5th tick of damage that player will explode and remove all bonecage armors in the live realm that are within 8yards of the player, So it is essential when you are in the spirit realm and targeted by Shattering Scream you move to bone armor adds to break the armor buff
    • When targeted by Tormented cries run towards the sides of the boss as far as you can to make the cones he spawn irrelevant and not take up priority space
    • 2 Players will be linked by a “Soul Bind” one in each realm they must run together on a designated spot (most likely centre of room) to remove debuff

    ZERG PHASE 30:

    • At 30% all adds should be dead and boss will transition into Zerg phase, during this he will alternate between “Sundering Doom” cast, and “Doomed Sundering” during which players in each realm will need to run away from the boss to survive the damage. “Sundering Doom” Spirit realm players move far from boss, “Doomed Sundering” Live realm people move far from boss


    • Live realm tank needs to hold aggro on Engine of Souls in melee and pickup/taunt in adds and hold in set location
      Avoid the three waves from Rupturing Slam casts from Templar or you’ll get knocked back
    • Spirit Realm tank needs to periodically interrupt Crush Mind cast, damage stacks higher each time cast goes through


    • Dispel Spirit Chains asap
    • Don’t stand in shit
    • Stay spread out
    • Move to live add location if in spirit realm and targeted by Shattering Scream to remove their armor
    • Spotheal person target by shattering scream
    • Move to center of room to remove Soulbind debuff with opposite realm player
    • Quickly heal players hit by Spear of Anguish absorb so they can return to live realm


    • Prio Add dps except for Fallen Priestess
    • Spirit Realm dps insta nuke any Soul residue adds (Small Sha Model) can CC them
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