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    Its ya boy Greenzool/George/Big Daddy G/The God coming at you with the second boss in Tomb of Sargeras quick rundown

    Quick and Dirty:

    You Gain torment thoughout the encounter via various methods, once 100 torment you’re nerfed clear torment using extra action button at 80+, once extra button used spawn orbs in soul cage by damaging add and pickup orbs to clear torment

    • Tank:
      Always face Atrigan away from Raid
      Rotate from Soul Cage when outside tank is 80+ Torment, Enter Cage once taunted off
    • Melee:
      Focus Belac swap to Atrigan during Fel Squall
      Interrupt Pangs of Guilt
      Move to marker for Dispel
    • Ranged:
      Interrupt Pangs of Guilt
      Spread 8 yards at all times
      Never stand near room entrance
      Move from void Zones quick
    • Healers:
      Dispel Melee when at marker, Ranged whenever, Never Dispel if Tormenting Burst is close to cast
      Spread 8 yards at all times
      Never stand near room entrance
      Move from void zones quick

    Resources Used:

    Zarania’s ToS quick notes
    ToS notes by Jarathi
    Tomb of Sargeras Minimalist Raid Guide
    Fatboss PTR Preview Vid

    Ability Breakdown:

    Torment: -Important Mechanic
    Each player has a bar that builds to 100 as they handle mechanics. Once players reach 100 torment, they are afflicted with Unbearable Torment, decreasing damage done by 20%, hit change by 90%, healing done by 25%, and making them take 90% increased damge. The idea is for players who reach 100 torment (or before) to use their extra action button, and collect orbs in the soul cage to clear torment


    Bone Scyth/Scythe Sweep – Tank

    Each auto Atrigan does applies 2 Torment, occasionally will do Scythe Sweep auto applying 20 torment, Always face Atrigan away from raid towards left/back

    Calcified Quills – Don’t get hit, should only target tank

    Targets a player, then sends a large line of spikes from the ground at them, dealing 2.4 million physical to anyone hit and knocking them in the air. Supposedly only targets a tank, but everyone should stay spread throughout the encounter in case it’s random.

    Bone Saw – Whirlwind AoE, Don’t hit during, Tank Kite away from raid

    Don’t attack during and run away from

    Atrigan starts spinning dealing 1.6 million physical and applying 4 torment per second to anyone within range, Attacking while he is bone sawing also gives torment, SO NO TOUCHY!



    Belac does not need an active and will always remain stationary during the encounter

    Pangs of Guilt – Interrupt

    Interrupt rotation on this, deals X shadow damage (numbers keep being hotfixed) to everyone randomly hit, interrupt rotation of 3+3 backups incase interrupters are clearing torment during cast

    Suffocating Dark – Slowing Void Zones spawn under you

    Applies void zones underneath 3 players, while in zone you gain 8 torment per second, 50% slow to movement. Move out when these spawn, never stand near the entrance of room as to place void zones there as that is where players leaving the soul cage spawn

    Echoing Anguish – Debuff// For Dispel (Ranged Spread 8 yards, Melee Move to Marker for dispels)

    Dispellable Debuff applied to multiple players, debuff deals ticking shadow damage and applies 2 Torment per sec, When dispelled Anguished Outburst will occur with 8 yards dealing large damage and applying 10 Torment

    Fel Squall – Channeled AoE move away, don’t attack during

    Same as bone saw but will remain stationary during cast

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