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    Hi everyone! 😊
    I’ve got some news for the guild!
    TL; DR (It’s going to be a long one)I’m quitting raiding for the foreseeable future.

    I’ve only really started to think about quitting a few days ago, but when I did, I realized that it really is the best option for me. For some time now, the game has lost its luster for me. The reasons for that are many, to name a few: I have been feeling somewhat burned out from the game, IRL has been more intrusive than is preferable, etc. etc. Basically, I just haven’t been enjoying playing the game as much I’d have wanted to and as much as I should’ve enjoyed it. And I think that has been affecting me quite negatively. My temper has been quite bad (as many of you might have noticed, sorry >.<), I’ve been even less social than usually and my thoughts about the game, the guild and everything have been just negative. Now, none of you, Primal as a whole, or even the game deserves any of my ire. You all have been absolutely wonderful towards me all this time, Primal is the best guild that I’ve ever been in while playing wow, and even wow is now better than it has been for a long time. I think that the best way for me to regain the affection towards you and the game, is to take an extended break from it all. It’ll give me the perspective that I need, hopefully make me miss all of it and eventually make me yearn to get back in game. (and that is precisely what I intend to do eventually, most likely in a few months time, now if and when I do come back, I don’t expect to be treated any differently than anyone else, I’m happy to be a casual member and if I decide to raid I’ll gladly trial for it.) So, all in all, I’m not sure if this post has so far made any sense at all (most likely not) but I just want to emphasize that this is completely my own decision and I did it because of my own personal reasons. The guild or anyone in it isn’t to blame, you are all amazing people.
    I’m most likely not going to talk to many of you personally about my quitting of the game and to many this probably comes as surprise. However I’d like to write a short farewell note to a few of you (since I’m such a lazy person I’ll include those notes in this post). The notes won’t be too long and many things will be left unsaid. If you aren’t included, don’t hate me for it, most likely I just simply didn’t think of you when writing this (<—- that sounds terrible, Abi confirmed to be a horrible person, good riddance). In reality though, I love you all, each and every member of the guild, the new people, the old people and everyone in between, playing with you all has been amazing and I can’t thank you enough.
    Farewell, Abi

    This is already ridiculously long. I’ll copy the full post into the forums and include the farewell messages into that one, you can (and probably should) ignore it.

    Jezza, I spoke to you about quitting before I wrote this post and you handled it in the most amazing way possible. You really are such an amazing person. We didn’t really talk to each other that much during legion (I blame you not playing a warlock for this) but despite that, I feel like if I wanted to, I could talk to you whenever about anything at all. Keep topping the meters 😊
    Zulgara, you really are the soul of the guild in many ways. Without you I don’t think any of what Primal has accomplished could’ve happened. You’ve put in so much effort towards the guild that every one of us should be thankful. Talking to you during early mornings has always been a good start to a day. Keep leading Primal to new successes!
    Ishtarii & Flably, both of you have been in the guild for quite long while already, time flies doesn’t it? I think that from all the people we’ve recruited during Legion you two have been the most beneficial for the guild. Ish, you rose quickly to a secondary raid leader and eventually became an officer. You really did deserve it, you’re proven again and again that you are what this guild needs and without you, I don’t think we’d be even close to where we are now as a guild. Flably you’ve been amazing at making the guild more fun place to be, with all of your dungeon groups, RBGS, etc. whenever you’re online, there’s not dull moment, and I really appreciate you for that.
    Maellow, we’ve talked about things quite often and you know how much I like you. In many ways you’ve been a sort of stabilizing force for the guild, a calm and collected teacher who never loses his temper. Keep being awesome 😊 (P.S. Thanks for all the times you’ve saved me during a raid)
    Qruza & Soof, Qruza playing with you is always great fun, keep brightening up the mood of the guild! 😊 Soof, you can be somewhat annoying, but you can also be a really amazing person ->try to focus on the latter, doing mythics with both of you, maellow and schmoopy during early Legion was so much fun, I hope I get to experience that again some time.
    Haxor, the #1 dps in the guild, you’ve provided so much for the guild, I hope people thank you for it. Thank you so much for all the pet battling tips you gave me, I’d probably still be stuck in Pandaria without your help 😊
    Igor, I’m glad you finally fixed your PC, the guild just isn’t the same without you in it 😀
    Valoric & Mika, the great romance of Primal, It’s been so much fun having you two on board. You’re both so positive, happy and friendly people, you’ve really made the guild a better place to be 😊
    Mammona, on ollut uskomattoman hienoa että kiltaan on lopultakin tullut toinen suomalainen, vaikka nythän meitä on jo aika joukko. Jos uutta warlockia ei löydy niin voit hyvin korvata mut laittomalla, pelaat paremmin ku mää koskaan! Fah/starfall, kiva että tekin ootte viihtyny killassa, värvätkää lisää suomalaisia! 😀
    Numwiki, sasha and pidars, thanks for doing all the dungeons with me (and num for the thousands of potions you made me)! 😊
    (Dips, trying to sneak you in here in case you still check this discord, the guild and you didn’t really fit well together but I loved all the little talks we had <3)
    Zoigma the kitten, Fernie & Ed, you three know how to push people on the edge, but you’ve also made me giggle more than probably anyone else in the guild. Raiding without you would be joyless and I couldn’t imagine doing it. (P.S. Joe, stop leaving the guild, we all love you and you’re part of the core no matter what)
    Dream, you were with us for a brief time, but a great time nonetheless, thanks for playing with us 😊
    Sonny, you can get gladiator eventually, I believe in you! Keep representing us in pvp!
    Phenix & Lamp, You’re both a bit more silent than the majority of players in the guild, similarly to me. Now I won’t claim to have talked much to either of you, but the few times we have, you’ve both been kind and friendly. Keep up the magic in Primal!
    Chuck & Jully, I didn’t intend to post about the newer people in guild (mainly because I just don’t really know you all that well yet) but I had to say something about you two. You have been a great addition to the guild, your humour fits us perfectly, the amount of content you’ve been happy to do with all of us has been amazing and all in all you’ve been perfect guildies from the day you joined us. (Chuck, sorry for all the times I forgot to soulstone you, I hope you can forgive me)
    Lly, the dungeons I did with you made me hate priest as a class (r.i.p bug) but adore you as a person, keep being awesome 😊

    Last but most definitely not the least we have Wulfenwood or as he’s more commonly known, Ben, without you I’d have most likely quit the game earlier, during the some of the more gruelling phases on Nighthold progression. Ever since I came back to the game during last August you’ve been a constant friend and I can’t thank you enough for it all. You’re one of the most social people in the guild and you probably talk to everyone else as much as you do to me, but to me (a rather unsocial person) the talks we’ve had have been all the more important. I hope you know how much it all has meant for me. I really do consider you as a close friend after all we’ve been through. I hope we can play together again <3

    As closing words, to everyone in Primal, thank you so much for playing with me, I love you all <3 and I hope that in future I can play with all of you again 😊

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    Awww… I like you! And i don’t like many ppl.. Hope you miss us soon enough! 🙂

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    You just had to one up Ben in the farewell message didn’t you 😛 Ill DM you in a bit <3

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    Is this because you lost all your gold gambling? I can buy you a token? 🙁

    Nah, in all seriousness, it’s very sad to see you go. Hope you’ll still be online for stuff.
    Have fun Abi 🙂

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    :'( <3 tulee ikävä

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    I’ll try my best to keep the ship going so you can get right back on board whenever you’re ready. Like i wrote in the post from the frontpage, goodbye for now and goodluck with whatever it is you’re upto. I hope i’ll atleast see you in the odd primal stream from time to time be it mine or Steves 🙂

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    I’m sure you’ll do well Zul 🙂
    Thank you all so much for your kind words and good luck in ToS!

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    Abi I will promise you that Valoric and I will continue to spread the Scandinavian “hygge” in the guild. I hope to see to again later on in this expansions. Otherwise, I wish you all the best in your future 🙂

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