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    Part 1: Personal Information

    Name and Age: Sami , and i’m 23 year old.

    Where do you live:

    I live in Belgium.

    Tell us a bit about yourself (hobbies/interests outside of WoW):

    I’m a really simple person , my hobby is mainly gaming but i also like to go outside and travel to other cities in Belgium.

    Part 2: Character Information

    Armory link: ID: Storm#24257

    WarcraftLogs sample:

    UI Screenshot: Pretty simple UI honestly but i dont mind using addons like weakaura or equal as they really do help.

    Artifact Level (MS/OS):

    48 Guardian / 42 Feral

    Demonstrate that you know your class well. Explain your rotation, stat priority and anything else you think is important:

    Since i’m avoiding the 4 set as i dont really find it that interesting compared to what vers/mastery (BiS stats) gear gives , i only stick to the 2 set.

    My rotation is still pretty simple as it contains mostly trash damage (I use the trash legendary for output on certains bossfights) , my goal is still to keep my dots up and keep my ironfur up at a really high uptime or mark of ursol depending on bosses (Krosus for example). Outside of these its pretty much a basic rotation as to maintain rage and spend it on IF/Mark and obviously Frenzied Regen. (Especially with the trait)

    Part 3: Experience and Raiding

    Please list your previous raiding experience and guilds. Why did you leave them:

    Last guild i was in was The Betrayed , i left that guild at a point of 6/10M for Nighthold with Skorpyron/Anomaly/Trilliax/Spellblade/Krosus and Botanist down. I left the guild as they wanted to bring their friend in the main team as tank and basicly decided to leave me behind for that reason.

    Before The Betrayed was Ice Cold Flex , which i left on my own choice as i was not really ready for mythic back when i joined them , i was missing some gear and i really did not want to keep them back since they had a really good geared tank waiting for a spot available.

    PVE guilds before these two were from raiding in MOP on another server (Outland).

    Are you able to make 90% of raids in a given month? Wed/Thurs/Sun 8-11pm CEST?

    Entirely. I’m available every day for several hours.

    What responsibilities, if any, have you taken lead of during your raiding career?

    Never got the occasion to lead a raiding team.

    What resources do you use to improve?

    Mainly the druid discord channel and from time to time the class forums if i cant find answers on the druid discord. Speaking vocaly is really helping a lot more than typing. Also icyveins.

    Part 4: Primal

    Why do you think Primal is the guild for you and what do you expect from us?

    What i expect from a raiding guild is to progress and move forward at a good pace while still keeping a really friendly atmosphere , this is my main goal. I’m pretty much looking for a guild to go on for ToS and obviously the following raid(s).

    Why should we select you?

    I’m a really friendly person , also really vocal which is a huge plus for tanking in mythic. I’m available every single day for several hours a day which allows me to also help other players for mythic+ and equals. I also already got some experience which i think is a good plus aswell.

    Thank you for reading.

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