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    Part 1: Personal Information

    Name and Age:
    Jayne, 31

    Where do you live:

    Tell us a bit about yourself (hobbies/interests outside of WoW):
    Nature and music is my joy of life. Preferably combined during nightly hours:>

    Part 2: Character Information

    Armory link:

    Battle.net ID:

    WarcraftLogs sample:

    Nighthold logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/17504519/11/#metric=bossdps

    Current logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/26015752/13#

    UI Screenshot:

    View post on imgur.com

    Artifact Level (MS/OS):
    Feral 61/Resto 52/Guardian 52/Balance 35

    Also got Velens/shoulders for restoration, all feral legendaries and a few good for balance if I’d trait that up and decide to learn to play it someday.

    Demonstrate that you know your class well. Explain your rotation, stat priority and anything else you think is important:

    Feral druid don’t have a set rotation – we maintain things like resource (energy) buffs (savage roar) and debuffs (our bleeds). While doing all this maintaining we also want to snapshot our bleeds with Bloodtalons (BT) or Tiger’s Fury (TF). Resource management comes down to mostly pooling energy after building combopoints, which does 2 things:

    1. Allows decent uptime on Ashamane Rip, since CP-builders is what procs it and we want it to proc as soon as possible after a refresh of Rip since the AR copies the duration of the original Rip

    2. Allows us to quickly build CP before Predator’s Swiftness runs out, which is the buff we use to proc Bloodtalons and what we want to snapshot all our bleeds and finishers with

    Now, this is obviously with the cookie-cutter build that has been prominent all of Legion with Savage Roar/Jagged Wounds/Bloodtalons. There are situations where we steer away from that build and that is fights where Brutal Slash is preferred, for example Harjatan or Mistress one can play either Brutal Slash or Bloodtalons (with Predator for Tiger’s Fury-resets) depending on what the raid needs. Brutal Slash is a powerful, on-demand burst AoE, perfect for cleaving down high-prio adds.

    Statweights are pretty fluid for feral, they changes depending on gear so I prefer to run simulations to get my current statweights. Crit and mastery can’t really go wrong but generally we’d like to have our stats pretty balanced.

    Part 3: Experience and Raiding

    Please list your previous raiding experience and guilds. Why did you leave them:

    Well, started raiding a little more seriously with <Routa> on Ravenholdt during ICC, with them cleared all heroic modes except Lich King HC. Faced roster issues during progress so joined <The Hungering Cold> late ICC and raided with them the rest of the expansion and first tier (heroic) in Cataclysm, until I had to step down with raiding due to real life. I did attempt to keep raiding during Firelands with a late night schedule with <Eminence> on Dunemaul during Firelands (6/7 hc) but realized I had to step down and only played casually back in THC during the rest of the expansion and a little during MoP.

    Came back during Legion, realized I had time to raid again but THC had quit raiding so joined <Solar Prominence>, which were about to disband so I ended up in <Ice Cold Flex>, a guild I had great fun raiding with. Sadly, disbanded right before ToS release and after that been trying to find a stable home. I got accepted in <Huhuholics> on Tarren Mill, however I didn’t find the atmosphere to be a fit for me and they also didn’t have a spot for a feral druid so I switched to my current guild <NotLikeThis> on Sunstrider.

    Unknown to me, <NotLikeThis> was about to disband when I joined and it just got official so well, that’s just sadly how it is.

    Are you able to make 90% of raids in a given month? Wed/Thurs/Sun 8-11pm CEST?

    Yes, I consider my attendance during my time in <Ice Cold Flex> to be pretty stable around 90%. If I couldn’t make a raid I did notify that in time. Currently got a loooooot of spare while waiting for studies to start and I expect to have a fair bit of time for WoW while studying too.

    What responsibilities, if any, have you taken lead of during your raiding career?

    Haven’t done so much raidleading except lately when been pugging a lot, tho I’ve done a little loot counceling and things and found it to be alright.

    What resources do you use to improve?

    Discord, Warcraftlogs, videos on Youtube, forums like mmochampion aswell. I like reading and keeping up with WoW and learning new things.

    Mostly, I hang around in Dreamgrove on Discord, the feral channel is a good place with lots of feral knowledge, theorycrafting and experienced ferals and players answering questions and sharing knowledge. Learned a lot from that place just by reading or asking questions.

    Why do you think Primal is the guild for you and what do you expect from us?

    I’m looking for a guild that is able to raid mythic while maintaining a good and friendly atmosphere. Not just a place where you log on during raidtime but where you will want to hang out. I got the impression that you are kinda doing these things mentioned. Also, I do feel a little homesick being away from Defias:P

    Why should we select you?

    As a player, I’d consider myself dedicated to raiding and that means all the usual things as looking up tactics, stashing consumables and keeping a good attendance for raids

    I also play to improve my gameplay – for example, I am well aware that my current mythic logs are lacking when it comes to pure numbers and that is something that I’d like to correct so when it comes to performance, I’m usually aware of which areas I should improve upon. I’m not afraid of asking for help, or letting people analyze my logs either because constructive criticism is just another way to improve so I welcome that too.

    Most importantly I’d say tho is that I like raiding – for me, progress is learning and while learning at times can be frustrating it also is rewarding as it will lead to improvement. Overcoming challenges is fun and it’s even better to do it together as a team. I am not the kind of player that will stop show just because there might be some wiping, I’ll be there until it’s beaten and done.

    However, let me be realistic (or honest, or what you would like to call it) – I understand that as guilds progress further into mythic ToS, feral druids might lack some utility for certain fights. That’s okay because I’m applying for a longterm stay and I’m trying to look even further forward than current tier – if you accept me you will get a player that wants to raid, learn and improve, not just for now but as the expansion progresses into further tier.

    That’s all I think, if you got any questions that doesn’t fit this form just ask and I’ll be happy to answer. Otherwise, thank you for reading this mess:P

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    Hey Jayne (wink face)
    Im Jully, I also live in Scandinavia.

    I like your logs, your transmog and your attitude. And “personality”.

    Welcome to the guild.
    PS: If Steven picks on you, it’s because you are a girl. I’ll protect you.

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    After a talk over discord we’re happy to offer you a trial please ignore the autism as long as you can 🙂

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    Hey Jayne c=3

    Jully is ma boy, don’t know if he mentioned it … he is from Scandinavia. Still lives with his parents, but he got his own Shed in the backyard. He calls it his crib.

    I am Ben, I no longer play, here I am.

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    Hey Jayne c=3

    Jully is ma boy, don’t know if he mentioned it … he is from Scandinavia. Still lives with his parents, but he got his own Shed in the backyard. He calls it his crib.

    I am Ben, I no longer play, here I am.

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    Hey Jayne c=3

    Jully is ma boy, don’t know if he mentioned it … he is from Scandinavia. Still lives with his parents, but he got his own Shed in the backyard. He calls it his crib.

    I am Ben, I no longer play, here I am.

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