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    To apply please create a forum post using the following template! (Formatting does NOT matter – but will make our lives easier)

    Part 1: Personal Information

    Name and Age:

    Where do you live:

    Tell us a bit about yourself (hobbies/interests outside of WoW):

    Part 2: Character Information

    Armory link: ID:

    WarcraftLogs sample:

    UI Screenshot:

    Artifact Level (MS/OS):

    Demonstrate that you know your class well. Explain your rotation, stat priority and anything else you think is important:

    Part 3: Experience and Raiding

    Please list your previous raiding experience and guilds. Why did you leave them:

    Are you able to make 90% of raids in a given month? Wed/Thurs/Sun 8-11pm CEST?

    What responsibilities, if any, have you taken lead of during your raiding career?

    What resources do you use to improve?

    Part 4: Primal

    Why do you think Primal is the guild for you and what do you expect from us?

    Why should we select you?

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