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    Part 1: Personal Information

    Name and Age:Lucian 28

    Where do you live: Romania

    Tell us a bit about yourself (hobbies/interests outside of WoW) Well i dont do other things because i’m a gamer and that what gamers do, playing games. Most of the time i’m in wow.

    Part 2: Character Information

    Armory link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/ravenholdt/dynamic

    Battle.net ID:WildWolf#261344

    WarcraftLogs sample: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/25790875/13#difficulty=4&class=Warlock&spec=Affliction&metric=dps&bracket=-1
    Make sure it’s selected by ilvl because i was very low ilvl a week ago like 895 and only pugs. /played is only 9 days đŸ™‚

    UI Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/QnMlK – I’m using the standard one =).

    Artifact Level (MS/OS): 56/52/52 only 9 days

    Demonstrate that you know your class well. Explain your rotation, stat priority and anything else you think is important:
    Our rotation is not standard because we need to know how to manipulate our shards very well and here i’m reffering to the single targets fights like goroth kj maiden and avatar. Basically our standard with MG ST rotation is agony corruption ua ua reap ua and drain. When we start the fight it is good to cast only 1 or 2 ua depending on procs. Warlocks are very versatile because we need to change our legendarys and talents after every boss except maiden kj and avatar.
    Multi target fights. WIA AC SC if you have ring or death’s embrace if you dont. Contagion is good on inquisition. I talk only based on sim. Sazzine and host are best for WIA AC . When we face multi target bosses we want to have more haste and crit and low mastery. Mastery is good only for single target fights or 2 target fights . Our stats priority is mastery haste crit and this with some perdition relics i guess. Affliction warlocks need to keep their stats balanced. There are too many factors that we need to take in consideration like 4 pc tier. With 4pc tier we wont need so much haste. Also need a whisper. 0 drops in 2 weeks and half.

    Part 3: Experience and Raiding

    Please list your previous raiding experience and guilds. Why did you leave them: From the betrayed i’v been kicked from maiden normal raid after i died because i got stunned 11 seconds, saying to me that i will get back in after they will kill her and then i asked in the guild why they dont kick people from hc raids when they fail because they finished hc tos and the next week they couldn’t finish anymore with the same players. The response was guild kick . And chicken dippers i’v only been 1 day and i left because i didn’t like the name honestly.

    Are you able to make 90% of raids in a given month? Wed/Thurs/Sun 8-11pm CEST? yes 100%

    What responsibilities, if any, have you taken lead of during your raiding career? Well i only like to do my job and that’s dpsing.

    What resources do you use to improve? simulation craft and preciousyipz twitch. That’s the only thing i need.

    Part 4: Primal

    Why do you think Primal is the guild for you and what do you expect from us? I believe i can bring a strong burst of dps to the raiding team
    Why should we select you? I’m very good and confident about my skills. Thanks

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    We appreciate your time on the application but unfortunately we’re going to have to decline best of luck in your search

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