About Us

Who Are We? We Are Primal!

Primal is a Horde guild on Connected-Defias Brotherhood realm. We pride ourselves on offering a fun, chatty atmosphere to progress at a semi-hardcore rate, with a desire to push top server and world ranks.


Why Should You Join Primal?

  • Our main goal is to achieve good progress but keep raiding fun while doing. We get serious when needed but whenever we can, we have our laughs and good conversation.
  • All players are treated equal, if someone is not performing in the current roster you can expect that the player is talked to/dealt with regardless of status or friendships. It is not fair to drag a group down just because you are good buddies with an Officer or the GM.
  • We’re friends not just raiders, In Primal you won’t see people just logging on and off for the raids and what is required outside of raiding, we like to hang out together on our discord server and do lots of different activities in the game with each other whether it be dungeons, world quests, older content and maybe even other games outside of WoW.
  • A drama free environment. In Primal we’re all 18+ and as such we expect that at no times we should not need to deal with silly, petty arguments and issues with one another. Most of us are very thick skinned so we love to have jokes and laughs at each other, never with ill will to one another.
  • Fair loot distribution, we use RCLoot Council to give out our loot with a spread out council to avoid favouritism or bias. 


What does Primal Expect of You?

  • You should know your class inside and out: Best Spec, Talents, Enchants, Food and Gems.
  • High attendance: We understand people have lives out of the game and if you’re unable to raid for whatever reason we are understanding but we expect you to be able to raid 90% of the raid days in a given month.
  • Able to use Discord to either listen or communicate. The ability to provide feedback on tactics and vocal when needed during boss fights.
  • Ages 16+
  • You have a PC that can run the game without issue & A stable internet connection.
  • Raid ready to the best of your ability, we understand to get your BiS setup you have to get access to the raids so we will take into account your previous circumstances prior to joining us and what you had available to you.
  • You should be able to understand the fights without us telling you exactly how every mechanic works in excessive detail and be able to adapt to situations as they happen without worry.


Your Primal Beginnings

If you’ve read all the above and are looking for a fun social atmosphere with high quality raiding, and you believe you’ll be a good match for us apply at the link below!

If you’d like to discuss/have a chat or have any questions for us you can contact the GM or Officers @

Hatherley#2142 (GM)

Greenzool#2273 (Raid Leader/Officer)

Ishtarii#2530 (Co-Raid Leader/Officer)

Mellow#2163 (Officer)